Skyblue 2014年5月3日 17時19分
Im kinda Lost
Hi, a friend and i are modders of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas and we want to make a gamemode/mod for Gmod but we dont know where or how to start, we just want to see if someone has a guide or something we can read, we seriously want to start modding in Gmod, help us pls.

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GorkenYolo 2014年5月3日 18時29分 
modding/addons are the same thing in gmods if you want to know more just click the link below

happy gaming
Skyblue 2014年5月3日 18時46分 
Thanks, im not going to use dat but with ur link i found this thanks a lot :)
GorkenYolo 2014年5月3日 18時58分 
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