не падают вещи.
Hello, I play DotA 2 long before things at a higher level in the game fell good things. But now when I raised my level 30 and was 19 that over the last 11 levels I fell just 2 common things and all, though, was to find the thing rarity of legendary and inmortal but for me is not that at all levels anything, why? very annoying! I buy you some things, and I don't fall very annoying! but to answer the question why me at the levels where was sans loss of legendary and inmortal I did not fall even common why? And to me there is no sense to play because things are not even I fall, even the friends I will give things just for 2 days, because I don't fall .... very annoying!
Date Posted: May 1, 2014 @ 7:25am
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