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infinity 1 Apr 25 @ 6:43pm
Gaia unit HP bug when loading a game - how to select "blank" for player starting age?
Hey guys! I need help with my map, I found a bug! I know how to workaround, but it's impossible to do via game map editor. Let me explain. I have a Gaia unit with 2500 HP, when I save and load the game, it's HP goes to 9! (Furious The Monkey Boy original HP). I found that this only happens when the Gaia starting age is configured. When you create a new map, the starting age for each player is not configured (Gaia included). Starting age field starts blank. For some reason I configured that in my map, and now I can't select "blank", the editor don't allow me to do that. Is there a way to configure blank? Some external editor or something?
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