fr13 . infinity 2014年4月11日下午11:04
Poor Steam Workshop integration with Age of Empires II HD
I'm a map developer and I can't update my Age of Empires II HD map

I just sent an update to my map via map editor. Overwrite ok, the update appears here in the Workshop (updated 2:21am), but is not updating the map file! I tried to unsubscribe and subscribe again, tried to delete the local files, still not updating... I always receive the old map!!

It's an OLD known issue (1 year), and not solved yet.
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Zetnus 2014年4月18日下午12:15 
Please take a look at this post for a full list of issues with the Workshop intergration of AgeIIHD:
This is stuff really needs to be fixed
Zetnus 2014年4月18日下午12:26 
I'm mean it's ridiculous that after one year not even something as simple as the "Ai" filter for the workshop has been fixed
2Loon4U 2014年4月21日下午3:50 
so much support for so many games you expect some issues. the big thing is to start fixing them as they are found but for a game that brings in so little comparitively means lower on the scale.
fr13 . infinity 2014年4月29日下午1:55 
Not fixed yet. Up.
Zetnus 2014年5月24日上午6:38 
I'm bumping this again
:3 2014年5月26日上午8:06 
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