glendeep Apr 7, 2014 @ 6:33am
how does one download anything from the workshop as being 68 I cannot do it. Thanks
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Rain Spartacus Apr 7, 2014 @ 7:07am 
well if u have the game and it has workshop file su just click subscribe and it will download it for u. next time u launch game the content should be added
Look at the relevant workshop for the game you would like to add mods to.

In there, click on a mod that takes your fancy, or that you are specifically after.

Once you have entered the mod's description page, you will see a green button near the top of the description and just below, to the right, of the main image. It says ''SUBSCRIBE''

This will download the mod to your game files onto your account. For free. When you click 'play' in your game library, on your game, you will see the game launcher window:

Data files

something like this. Before clicking 'play', like you usually do, just check in the data files option, you should notice the mod you subscribed to earlier checked with a check box next to it. This tells you that you have the mod and it is active in your game.

NOTE: You may find that you have to restart steam for the mod to be fully active on your account.

Just to elaborate on what Rain Spartacus kindly offered :)
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