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Manly burp Apr 6 @ 7:54am
Need a little help gathering old weapon data
I don't want to say it was a bad patch, but last summer i was quit sad i wasn't able to use some of my beloved weapons anymore, not to say they were the most useful nor helpful, but i just wasn't ready to give up on some of the various playstyles that came with these interesting weaponries, so i'm asking kindly for those who are in possesion of any old tf2 weapon files, old particles and sounds, some non-updated games or non-patched data, send it over, i won't be able to play against human playurs anymore, but it's worth the fooling around.

mail :

Also, if you don't want to get too involved in this but do know how to manipulate some of the stats of the wanky tf2 guns and consumables, please explain to me, neither if i'm forced to obtain a new program for this or i have to master the art of reading c++, i truly wouldn't mind, have no remorse on giving me ideas were to go!
a little remarke there: i've already gone through the whole items_game.txt file, let that idea behind, if you would be so kindly..
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lagyna101 Apr 6 @ 9:45am 
sharifen Apr 6 @ 9:35pm 
holy doly
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