Ste@mPunkGuy 2014年4月4日上午3:52
where did garrys mod go?
PLZ tell me!
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I was wondering that myself, buddy.
Zero Proximity 2014年4月4日上午4:01 
I Beleave steam is having some sort of seizure, as most of the workshop is down too, give it some time they will have it up and running shortly im sure
HARDasNAIL5 2014年4月4日上午4:03 
steam having problems NO never seen that before , probably the worst thing that ever happened to gaming on the pc = steam
最后由 HARDasNAIL5 编辑于; 2014年4月4日上午4:05
Steam is definitely having a seizure. The Garry's Mod tab for Workshop wouldn't just go out like that under normal circumstances.
HARDasNAIL5 2014年4月4日上午4:08 
this is steam m8 expect anything ;)
Cameron 2014年4月4日上午4:14 
Go to solution!!! Just go to library and click on Gmod and then click on workshop from their. But i think its down too, just you cant search for it :)
Marethyu 2014年4月4日上午4:29 
everything seems to be up now I know I posted a discussion like this for skyrim and left 4 dead 2, but it was definitely a wtf half hour
Flushikins 2014年4月4日上午7:42 
it wont let me play
Don_Kuuyon 2014年4月26日上午6:53 
I seriously love the vids made from G-Mod. I still go to youtube and watch them. Melons never disapoint me! ^^
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