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norkel182 Apr 3 @ 12:39am
Best maps?
What are some really cool map mods? I played the disneyland one and it was awesome.
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JackGSTV Apr 3 @ 12:36pm 
Disneyland is really good :)
norkel182 Apr 3 @ 7:16pm 
Yeah it blew my mind from how well it was made. Any others?
AlwaysToast 34 Apr 4 @ 12:49pm 
Best maps (my opinion):
Taco Bucket: Randomzied paths for replay value. (I’m bias)
Warcelona: Nice custom setting.
Suicide Blitz 2: Good variety.
I Hate Mountains: Classic
Journey to Splash Mountain: Already covered.

Ones worth trying:
Dead Before Dawn
Lego Hard Rain : Silly but fun.
Plan B : Some pathing issues
The Bloody Moores : Great setting except for the 4th map.
Dnieper: Really detailed, but has issues
Undead Zone : Invisible wall placement annoys me.
Diescraper Redux
The Last Volt
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norkel182 Apr 4 @ 3:38pm 
thanks man!
[WS]Inkwizytor® Apr 5 @ 7:25am 
Disneyland :) gOOd map
zebranco22 Apr 6 @ 9:21am 
good very nice
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