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I've been playing TF2 for less than a year now, but already I want to start creating items. Despite the low amount of weapons that have been introduced recently (I can only really think of the Ap-Sap, Festive reskins and the Fortified Compound that have been released after the Mecha Update), I've been thinking of a new Spy item set. I cannot model, and I would really would like to know how to learn. However, I have no idea if my age will be a barrier to getting items approved (I'm fourteen. I don't act like a micspamming little kid that begs for items, but I would like to know if Valve would be hesistant to accept items from me). Also, I have no idea if the weapons I thought up of are any good, since usually the first things people make are usually pretty bad at first.
So if anyone could evaluate these item concepts, and help me learn to model, it would be really helpful.

Actual items:
The Full Fogg (note, this is not the final name for the set, this is something I pooped out quickly since this set is meant to be a "Around the World" type set, and we all love references to Phileas Fogg, don't we):
1. An Indian revolver. I did have the idea of designing around the Nirbheek, but I scrapped the concept, as I felt that, as a gun designed after the horrifying Delhi ♥♥♥♥, it would simply be in bad taste to attempt to gain a profit from it. Even if I satirised the irony of designing a gun, it would be satirising what I was doing. I feel that it would devitate too far from the tone of TF2, and make it harder for it to actually be accepted, as I'm sure Valve doesn't like accepting sensitive items. It's a "back to the drawing board" concept for me at the moment, but my plan is to keep it a Indian gun, just less rude.
2. A Bangladeshi sapper. Designed after a roughly made and broken radio, with a satellite dish coming out of it. Intended to twist slightly and make a noise when near the sapping range of a building.
And I managed to write a description for it already! I hope that it fits with the tone of TF2:

" When you pursue a career in deception, it's frustatrating when your technology suddenly breaks in the middle of action. Normally you would wait until one literally drops into your hands, or pray for the item server to actually work. We've decided that pirates (not the ones that live in ships and get scurvy, the ones that let you download paid stuff for free) are the ones that create the best tech, so we've made the first ever Mann Co sapper that is completely illegal, and compatible with all the illegal tech you may have accumalated."

3. An Albanian knife. This time, it's a wooden wand doohicky thingy with a elaborate design, and slick handle. Intended to have a design similiar to the Elder Wand in Harry Potter. I would be interested in team skins for RED and BLU, but I'll worry about that later.
I wrote a description for it as well:

"Legend has it that this relic once had a gruesome history behind it: once capable of potent magic, its power could only be harnessed by its master. The solution? Simply kill the master, and watch as its allegiance turned to you. Unfortuantely for you, your worst enemy possessed this wand. Even worse, she died a natural death, meaning that its power is broken, meaning you had to loot an old man's grave for no reason. Fortunately for you, it's still sharp enough for assassination, and perhaps it's for the best that no one will be trying to kill you for it."

4. A Polish watch. This item is definitely in a rougher concept stage. I haven't thought of a solid design at the moment, but I want it to be more interesting than the wristwatch type than the stock Invis Watch, nor do I want it to be a reskin of the Dead Ringer.
Please don't steal my ideas (I worked very hard on them!), and please give feedback in any way possible. Thanks in advance.

5. Cosmetics. Haven't given too much thought into this. Something related to Burma and Pakistan, I dunno. Will worry about this later.
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how to i build stuff and make
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