Legacy V.2.1 Mar 24, 2014 @ 11:15pm
a player on the team trolling, intentionally feeding, etc, lets add a vote drop player feature
just had a game...had an od die once then start feeding on purpose then after 10 deaths proceed to only buy couriers for the rest of the game.. This od siphoned our resources making it really hard on us. It was not fair to us.
Can you please add a vote to drop player feature. Now, I realize if you did this without a cap, it would be abused with people voting to oust random people who want to play so to stop this, I propose a vote drop player feature where 4 players have to vote The odds of 2 people trolling are very low so no need for that ?? onto the main subject at hand....a player should get one vote per week so they wont abuse it and will only use it when absolutely necessary.
They won't kick a person who is learning because he is accidentally feeding. That sucks sure, but its understandable. No....a person should be kicked if they are intentionally trolling etc. For example, they might have to meet certain criteria...they go out and die, then proceed to die within a minute after they respawn since they are feeding. or they sell all their items and buy nothing or just couriers, etc. There can be a very valid drop player feature installed that won't be abused if thought out correctly. I would like to aid in this installment if it will help you get it done. Thank you!
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ChaoticJestrick Mar 25, 2014 @ 12:40am 
We don't need a kick feature to abuse.
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