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Golden Pizza Mar 20, 2014 @ 1:39am
New Weapon Ideas
I've always had a few ideas for weapons that i'd like to see in the workshop but i'm not that good of a weapon modelist so I thought i'd share my ideas for weapons and what I think they should look like to you, the community.

1. The Uber Thief
New spy knife. Should look like a knife the medic would use like the ubersaw.
Able to kill enemies that are being ubered.
Upon backstab of medic or medic patient recieve 20% of the the uber the medic has stored. Will collect uber up to 100%
Once 100% spy can uber himself with Mouse 2.
Alt Fire (Mouse 3): While looking a friendly medic will give all stored uber to friendly medic.
No face slash.
All primary weapons do -10% dmg

2. The Cattle Controler
New Engie shotgun. Should look old and rusty.
You've got your sentry up but 6 soldiers come around the corner. Your sentry can't lock onto them all at once and your sentry is destroyed. The Cattle Controller can take care of a situation like this.
Stats: 50%(or more) pellet spread.
Each pellet does damage based on distance from target. Max distance 1 pellet=27 dmg
Point Blank 1 pellet= 2 dmg

3. The Slow and Steady
New Heavy Minigun. Not sure on design.
Stats: Upon firing start at -20% firing speed after 7 seconds of firing +40% faster firing rate.
Note: Firing speed will reset if heavy isn't reved up, allowed not to shoot but must stay reved up to maintain firing speed bonus.

4. Radioactive Runner
New Bonk drink for scout.
Stats: When drunk, for 8 seconds any enemy that comes close to scout will have effect -35% movement speed for 6 seconds. Scout also recieves 20% resistance from all sources.

5. ????? Give your opinion on other weapons that valve should add to the game and what you think of my weapon ideas.
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Müssly Mar 20, 2014 @ 9:14am 
merry christmas everyone
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