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Cities in Motion 2

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Now you can create and share new rules, scenarios, and maps for your cities and vehicles. Tweak game values to increase bus capacity, create new objectives, or create entirely new custom city maps. Subscribe to other modifications made and shared by the community to expand your game.
Ricky Cruz+ 4 Mar 18, 2014 @ 12:56pm
Black window after starting CIM2

Since a few days ago I have this problem, everytime I start CIM2, just after Pardox Logo in stead of havinh the CIM2 menu window, it switches to a black window.

I still have the pointer on the screen, but I can't see anything as the screen is black. Sometimes, with luck, I can click in one of the hiden buttons of the menu and the normal window apers...

Quite strange ! Can someone help ?
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tomtalk24 Mar 20, 2014 @ 6:28pm 
The only "tips" i can offer would be,
switching away from the app alt+tab to desktop then switching back to the game the same way.
Changing the setup gpu setting inside the game to play windowed,
seeing if the game or windows is broken, open a new temp user account in windows, load the game. if it loads its your account/windows (settings etc). if it dont then it could be windows again (drivers etc) or the game instalation itself.

But im very certain this is direct x - windows related, due to blank screen and inconsistancy. good luck...
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