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A BOT Mar 16 @ 12:45pm
Black Rose
I am sure most people have heard about the black rose, the spy knife. I think it should be possible to craft or buy or uncrate. :D
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Cannon Fodder Mar 16 @ 1:36pm 
Hell yeah they should. Ive been wanting one for aaaaaages
GPB [Black Pit] Mar 16 @ 6:18pm 
Is it not craftable? I thought you could craft it using a Spy Token + Melee Token + whatever metal is required. It's just that you have a bad chance due to how many knives there are.

I mean, you can craft the Awperhand, so-
sharifen Mar 16 @ 10:49pm 
goompa stomp
A BOT Mar 17 @ 8:01pm 
it isnt craftable and no goomba stomp for u!
sharifen Mar 18 @ 9:27am 
what the h*ll was that cr*p
K. Appa the Rappa 1 Mar 18 @ 10:17pm 
and this is being posted here why?
sharifen Mar 19 @ 9:19am 
why what
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