I would love some help here.
Hi guys,as said I would like having some help.Also,sorry,I am even not that confident with forums(like I am not 100% sure this is the right forum,if it is wrong,please try to understand...).
That said,I'm telling you my what is my problem,in short(I hope).
I have created a workshop item for tf2 about a month ago,as you can see right there;it's first version was not that good,so I decided to make it again,and again(where I am afraid is the problem) I made 5 more versions after that very first one with several improvements,I know this is probably to stop useless"bumps"so I am not against that,in fact I just wanted to contact any workshop staff member to help me fixing this and asking another much important thing(why there still is no source compiling tool for linux :/ ).
For those who might want to know,most of those updates were due to:
1) the fact I had not(and still don't)a gold star,
2) major improvements
3) I had to re compile under windows with a friend's personal computer(with windows).

Thank you for your attention,I do really appreciate that.
See you later.
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any help there?
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