Take On Mars
Explore and contribute to the world of science
Take On Mars utilizes Steam Workshop to bring you a virtually unlimited expanse of addons. These may include new locations to explore, custom vehicles to deploy, and even distinct scenarios to let you get the most out of Take On Mars. From custom sounds to additional models, everything is possible.
anti social Mar 9, 2014 @ 5:55pm
To the Dev's and Bohemia with love!!!!
Regardless, figure this would be my one and only chance for Developers to see this from Bohemia, Love you guys for real. Thanks for all the hard work, I literally own every bohemia game made out there lol. Trying to learn how to mod, have an Idea for a game since I served in the military. Going to spend hours learning. Many hours of fun and many friends made because of your games and no words can express how much that means. IF you make Arma 4 way way way down the road, Could you make it about a war related with North and South Korea, would be interesting, some how the Chinese get involved and threatens to pull the entire globe in to WW3. Would be really cool doing. Then in the middle east while this conflict is raging, show china making deals with the middle east on oil and siding with Iran and we show up to make a presence in the middle east as well. Would be neat. Just an Idea I had. Anyways regardless, thank you.
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Thales Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:49am 
Hello! Thanks for your kind words and we hope our new games will bring you more joy and fun. It's always great to read that we're working on something people enjoy and that our work brings something more to others. That means a lot to us. :-)

Suggestions for ARMA series would be better on Bohemia Interactive forum or discussion in ARMA's forum here on Steam because there are threads for suggestions as yours and people from ARMA development team can read it and discuss it there. All we can try to do is to represent a conlict in sending probes and human missions to Mars. The biggest battle in our game I can imagine would be two rovers fencing with robo-arms for analysing specific rock. ;-) Anyway thanks for your post!
anti social Mar 10, 2014 @ 7:34am 
lol ROBOT WARS!!! and thank you for writing me back as well, you all did an amazing job on take on mars!!!! I love it. Sorry about the Arma comment, wasn't sure if all Devs from Bohemia would get to see it. Thank you for everything
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