HeirOfLanister 2014年3月5日 11時42分
Steam game update error?
When I try to update one of my games, it will not download that update for the game, or any game in that case, does anyone know what is going on?
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✠ Rain Spartacus ✠ 2014年3月5日 12時08分 
had this before i in most cases u have to delete some files in your steam directory look it up on google
HeirOfLanister 2014年3月5日 12時21分 
actually just needed to rebut my steam, lol how didn't i know this
, well thanks anyways
suchibun32 2014年3月6日 17時03分 
generally I find that 1st try reboot steam and if that doesn't work then restart pc\network. Glad you got sorted
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