.AussiePro. 2014年3月5日上午5:30
Check out 2 NEW skins i made to be voted to have them in game!



tell me what you think guys :)

* Just an update on more skins i have made, check out this collection! rate and i hope you guys like them :)

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Tatonka 2014年3月5日上午5:46 
I do not play this game, but you my vote
.AussiePro. 2014年3月5日上午5:48 
well good effort then haha thanks :)
Tatonka 2014年3月5日上午5:49 
I'm up for myself, and one that actually should be encouraged
最后由 Tatonka 编辑于; 2014年3月5日上午5:51
soroka0073 2014年3月5日上午6:04 
.AussiePro. 2014年3月5日上午6:56 
thanks heaps guys! appreciate it :)
.AussiePro. 2014年3月6日上午1:55 
I have made alot more to my collection! Check all the ones i have completed and i hope you like them all!! rate them please :)

mephilesfan16 2014年3月6日上午2:10 
hey do you make player models? cuz if so could i request one? i'd make it myself but whenever i try to find out how i get a bunch of sites with no answers -_-
Ticktastick 2014年3月12日上午6:40 
最后由 Ticktastick 编辑于; 2014年3月12日上午6:41
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