OldTimmer 25 Fev, 2014 às 7:52
de_wetwood bot SV VAR – red - lag
I believe it is a nav problem.
With 10 bots I get intermittent lag spikes and the SV drops and turns red and the VAR drops and turns red FPS drops.
Does not make a differences if it is local 64tic or web test server 128 tic.
With more then 10 bots it gets progressively worse.
I am not using any area portals in the map only skip and hints.
I have tried compiling the map with out.
Props – no difference
Displacements – no difference

I have also edited the nav to make sure there is no spots that the bots could get stuck.
Does anyone have any suggestions

MB: Gigabyte-GA-890FXA-UD5
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
Mem: ADATA DDR3 2000
VC: ATI HD 7770
PS: 700W
HD: OCZ Revodrive x2 240GB
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Alakdan ® 25 Fev, 2014 às 12:21 
hey, how long you've been doing map? must be the map... i'm hoping. if you could upload your map so i could take a look at it that would be great.
OldTimmer 25 Fev, 2014 às 14:26 
Been remaking maps for about 5 years CS then CS:GO this is the first time I have run into this problem.
de_wetwood is on steam workshop under CS:GO
Alakdan ® 25 Fev, 2014 às 14:50 
oh i see. you have more experience than i do. im not sure but i have a little suspicion on your rig. before i had AMD Athlon X2 CPU. 2GB RAM 500GB HD GTX650 VC. and since the major updates of CSGO back in 2013 my game kept on crashing many many times during the game. now i upgraded to a much better RIG and i have no problem at all. could be your rig bro.
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OldTimmer 25 Fev, 2014 às 17:11 
I doubt very much that it is my system with 8GB DDR3 ram and a 6 core processor.
My system exceeds the minimum requirements.
Thanks for for trying to help.

I do not have this problem with any other map so I do think it some thing with the map or nav.
I was hoping some one else had ran into this problem and how they fixed it.
I have others that play the map and have the same problem with it.
Lower end computers will have a problem with this map because there is a lot of detail.
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