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Hellstrand Feb 24 @ 9:37pm
Photon men from the first AOE
Surprised that this Mod has not been made yet but would be grateful for someone to make a similar cheat liken to the first
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gagman 3 Feb 26 @ 9:22am 
the Photon men skin is still included in the AOE2 code i guess, because if you play as schah (in a custom scenario) and attakk with him - he change the skin to the Photon men :D

so i think it should no problem to add this skin / unit back.
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gagman 3 Feb 26 @ 10:45am 
i see in the HD version theys removed that feature .. sad .. vanilla AOE had it :D
Hellstrand Feb 26 @ 11:15pm 
ahh... Yeah i appreciate the response. Recently got the itch for playing the AOE series again and wanted to see the Nuke Troops in my battles again, good memories. I have no idea how to make mods and figured i'd try to get someone to bite. Thanks for the info!
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