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so I got an idea...
what if they added the robot look as a cosmetic or whatever it's called, like they did with the zombie look?
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Barble Bapkins Feb 28 @ 9:42am 
I had this same idea a long time ago.
Make the icon like the Voodoo Cursed Soul icons exept replace the zombie heads with the class respective Robot heads and replace the blood splattered behind the heads with Oil.
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=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Feb 28 @ 3:25pm 
oh do you mean the icon only, or the item too? the icon would work sorta like that, but the item itself would just be a robot player model. possibly with the corrisponding animations?
MOTHERNATURE Feb 28 @ 6:50pm 
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Feb 28 @ 8:45pm 
could we possibly get a skilled item-maker to see this?
sharifen Mar 1 @ 9:32am 
wtf spy's backstabb
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Mar 1 @ 3:38pm 
what is that supposed to mean? are you actually implying a question or questioning my name perhaps?
sharifen Mar 1 @ 10:06pm 
just a lttle question i have
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Mar 1 @ 10:47pm 
I'm genuinely confused by what you're asking.
sharifen Mar 1 @ 10:58pm 
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Mar 2 @ 8:11am 
I'm just wondering what "wtf spy's backstabb" was inquiring.
sharifen Mar 3 @ 10:10am 
that's funny
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Mar 3 @ 5:41pm 
what's funny?
=[o.W.n]= backstabbing101 Mar 3 @ 5:42pm 
uh... anyway it seems we're getting off topic. Let's try and get back to the subject of the robot cosmetic idea.
sharifen Mar 3 @ 9:43pm 
good idea
sharifen Mar 4 @ 9:56pm 
how to become a real thing
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