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Vicccious 10 Feb 20 @ 9:11pm
A way to lock players out?
I have a few people I tend to avoid playing with due to clear-cut abuse in treaty mode. Unfortunately, since I play with so many random people it's near impossible to remember all their names. Is there a way to perm-ban users from any games you create? Or at least to ban them from entering within a 24 hour time-frame? It's especially annoying when I kick someone only for them to join right back in wondering why I kicked them for lag or rank that was way too high for me to want to fight with.
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Tanooki Feb 21 @ 10:01pm 
To help you remember the names, there's an app at that lets you leave notes for users. It's pretty simple, and has some issues, but if you work around that, it works pretty good. It keeps the note even if they change their name. I use it all the time, leave a note so I can remember after the game is over
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Vicccious 10 Feb 21 @ 10:29pm 
Thanks for the info. Not exactly what I was looking for, but as I figure there isn't a mod in existence that does what I want it to do, I guess this will have to suffice!
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