who is slowest?
who is slowest? Mario or Sonic? Leave a Coment!
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Matias 20 февруари 2014 в 5:49 сутринта 
Mario :-.D
txd 20 февруари 2014 в 6:05 сутринта 
actually I disagree, Mario's level design vs sonic's (classic) means that if each was to use his own level I think you would find that Sonic continually hits\stops against solid walls, has to deal with general bad level design and only has about 3 levels where you can actualy have sustained speed whereas mario's fluid movement and fantastic levels ( hell, run fast enough and mario can fly, beat that sonic) mean that he would make much faster progress overall. In a drag race in field though, Sonic of course.
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Показване на 1-8 от 8 коментара
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