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Doggy Feb 5 @ 2:59pm
Will be ever become a bigger minimap?
The minimap in this status is much too small and unusable. Will we become a bigger map in future? Cant understand the devs to relase every time such small things in their games. All is much too small on big sreens....a very big joke!!!! And i will not lower my resolution because the TFT-screnn have a fixrd good resolution.

When learn all the devs that the players need a big enough interface and letters!!!!!!!!
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Blind lame priest Feb 7 @ 9:44am 
If you have Windows there is a feature called: monitor magnifier
use it and stay happy :D Invention is the best invention...
Doggy Feb 7 @ 1:50pm 
Its very bad when i must use such "tricks" . The devs must relase a game with big enough letters and minimap! Its soor poor from the devs to relase a game and you cant read all well on big screens.....very poor.
Blind lame priest Feb 7 @ 2:00pm 
how about sit closer to the screen ? the devs never can do a perfect game for all, for someone its to small - for others to big - so have to use tricks or stay with that what the devs release.
Doggy Feb 7 @ 2:11pm 
Thats not right!!! The minimap is unuseable with this small size.And this "super"-small size is not big enough for everyone. Lol,nobody will say that this small minimap is to big!!!

Its so idiotic when you play on a big screen but must use such unuseable small minimap.And many other players say the same!
Blind lame priest Feb 8 @ 2:33am 
thats why this thread is empty since days ... because many other talk same ...
Outpost will help you to know early the enemy is coming.
Doggy Feb 8 @ 10:02am 
But its so idiotic to have a minimap where you cant see the location from the enemies(or yours) because the dots are too small.Never played a game with such unusable minimap,i hope they will relase a bigger map when relased next patch!
= SkrykeR = Feb 9 @ 8:23am 
I agree the mini map is rubbish in this game. The last RTS I played seriously was SC2 which has a much better mini map, can actually see what is happening.
Lord Brimestone Feb 15 @ 6:08pm 
It would be really cool to have a "pop out" mini map that could be displayed on a second monitor.
Doggy Feb 15 @ 6:55pm 
All is better then this unusable shii
Cant understand the devs to relase such games where you need a big magnifier to see well.
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