DeathKnight 2014年2月4日下午2:57
Help on Basic Dota
Does anybody have suggestion how which characters a new dota player should start with? I know different people have different opinion and all of that, but there is gotta be like a noob character tha is easy to play with for the first time.
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Ink 2014年2月4日下午3:26 
start with support frst hero is lich...
DeathKnight 2014年2月4日下午3:29 
would support heroes by easy atm for the opposing team esp. if you don't know how to play?
baduxer1 2014年2月4日下午5:37 
Yo tampoco entiendo che
DeathKnight 2014年2月5日下午1:04 
baduxer i don't speak spanish, what do you mean?
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