Mods not working!
Okay, so I tried downloading the Bass Cannons of Skyrim (part 1 and 2}, I subscribed, downloaded both, ran the normal launcher without SKSE, but the files aren't in the load order and the little message in the bottom right corner never appeared. I am using Nexus Mod Manager and these are my first Workshop mods. Can someone please help?
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are they in your nexus mod manager as active, checked?

Perhaps restart steam too? I might even try unsubbing then re subbing and doing the whole checks again :) hope you get it sorted soon :)
I've subbed and re-subbed twice and they aren't in the manager for me to check, so I dunno what to do.
restarted steam?
checked the nexus mod manager? <-- ah ok...
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yeah. I exited and re opened steam.
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