Taky Jun 26, 2014 @ 5:38am
Best programming language for making steam games?
I was just wondering what is the most efficient programming language to code (RELATIVELY SMALL/2D) games for steam? Unless i'm missing something, it seems to me to be a choice between c++, c# and actionscript. examples of c++ games i know are braid, spelunky & FTL. C# : Fez, terraria and Magicka. Actionscript: castle crashers and vvvvvv.

From what i can gather, the general opinion is: c# is greatest, allowing great productivity and power, C++ offers lots of power but will take ages to make a game with, whilst actionscript has little power but enables a super quick development time?

Sadly, i found out XNA (the framework used for C#?) is no longer being developed..

So which language would you recommend for making, say a 2d platformer for steam please? Are there other, more effective languages?
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