MiAmi☁9 20 jun 2014 om 11:37vm
operation pheonix???? outraged
i cant believe they have taken pheonix maps we paid for them we should be entitiled to keep them ....i just dont see the reason to take them the more maps the better right ??
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Veggeta 20 jun 2014 om 7:41nm 
ure right
Algae 20 jun 2014 om 7:54nm 
They did the same thing with operation bravo. It's your fault for buying them. It's a PASS.. not a map pack. It's a PASS to play them for a limited time and to get cases early to make your money back. Dont be dumb.

The pass costs 50% off after a couple months of waiting.
MiAmi☁9 21 jun 2014 om 1:13vm 
2 dollar pass dosnt mean ♥♥♥♥ i dont care about the money i just dont understand what the point of taking them away
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