KnightyKnight Jun 20 @ 7:28am
Problems with GMod
I receantly purchase the Garry´s Mod but whenever I´m playing, all the maps and textures are full of lag and I can only see pink squares and giant Error signs, How do I fix that?
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Reloading Jun 20 @ 7:45am 
The same happends on my game
KnightyKnight Jun 20 @ 8:00am 
Really? It´s just that I can´t play well with all that :/
MissingElements Jun 20 @ 2:35pm 
I'm not sure about the lag, but the errors and pink squares means you're missing textures. I know it sounds stupid but unless you find a download somewhere and put the files in the right place, you'll need to purchase, download, and install CS:S (Counter-Strike: Source) and Half-Life 2.
KnightyKnight Jun 20 @ 3:12pm 
Oh I see, Thanks!
MissingElements Jun 20 @ 3:18pm 
You're welcome. :)
Paweł Jun 21 @ 12:53am 
you need to download map from workshop
Chameleon Jun 21 @ 2:21am 
You must have Counter strike source to play:DD
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