murrgutt 2014年6月6日 6時52分
Request/idea: AWP | Antique
Hi too all of you skin modders.
I've been thinking about this skin, cause I really like the Bizon and Nova Antique skin that is already in the game.

So just think and imagine it for a second, an Antique AWP skin, wouldn't that be beast?
Ofc it would.
So this is just an idea i'm putting out to you edit program handy people out there.
It would certainly be something I would be able to see hitting one of these cases and competing with the Asiimov.

Good luck to all of you and have a nice evening
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Ropey Potato - Trading 2014年6月6日 7時23分 
nice idea man!
i aslo this it would look great! :)
add me if u wanna play some time
XxSNiiP3zZ 2014年6月6日 11時46分 
nice man
Fise™ 2014年6月6日 12時16分 
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