Publishing Football Manager graphics on Workshop problems
Hi I have tried for days to publish some logos on the Football Manager 2014 workshop to no avail. I have placed all the logo graphics in the graphics folder in the Football manager folder in my docs, I have written the XML file. The logos are working in my game perfectly. BUT the workshop in the game is not detecting them. I am not getting the files coming up in the 'In Game' list at all. So as they arent appearing I cant publish them onto the Workshop.

I am about to give up for good because this is just proving to be too much hastle but before I do that does anyone here know why these logos arent being detected by the workshop in the game?

Like I say they are working perfectly in my own game they just arent appearing in the workshop list. What else do I have to do to get them to appear?

I have read all the guides on publishing FM2014 files, I have read all the info on Workshop publishing that I can find (which isnt easy to find at all) - but I cant find anything about how to publish files to the workshop, other than from inside the Football Manager game itself. I dont even know if this is possible.

So yeah - about to give up on the workshop publishing. Its been a nightmare! Steam really need to get this whole process changed. All thre needs to be ais a huge flipping button on the workshop saying 'UPLOAD YOUR FILES HERE'. Why there isnt is beyond me. Talk about making life extremely difficult for people.

Anyway any help would be appreciated if they dont get published by end of this weekend they never will be and I will sleep easier at night when I have forgetten all about the flaming Steam Workshop!
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