Nats 2014年6月6日上午5:09
Forum access getting to be a nightmare
Whats up with the Steam forum access - all over the shop seems to be crashing with errors these days. This forum is a nightmare to get onto sometimes.
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CyberDorthe 2014年6月6日上午5:28 
So here are some mistakes and a lot of spam that is not being taken care of miss a place where you can write about this problem or is it ad that is so like much to do that there are so many errors
#BODYBOARD.+ 2014年6月6日上午6:37 
Avalanch07 2014年6月8日上午9:30 
Silly valve, they should've just kept using vbulletin instead of adding a second set of forums.
vitikent 2014年6月8日下午1:18 
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