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Aaron Knight 1 May 13, 2014 @ 5:08pm
More Creation Kit Help Please!
So I'm working on a mod and I SRSLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SCRIPT, plz if you can provide simple, easy, plain spoken "a cave man could do it" answers to my questions you would be my personal hero!
1) How do I add a new unique script and apply it to an npc
2) How do i make text box appear when you interect with an npc (NOT DIALOUGE BOX)
3) How do i script mulitple interactions to that text box?
4&5) If an npc has more than one appearance (say armor set) but isn't like your basic follower how do i make the interactions to change those armors back and forth at anytime of day via that text bow in the previous questios? Do i need the original npc and a lot of scripting or are copies of that npc required and just scripted together or do either of these work (if so plz explain both bellow)?
6) How do I make it so an npc has one lvl for every lvl the pc has?
7&8) I've heard there are codes or thing like that for stuff like books, followers, horses, and other things in skyrim when it comes to scripting, if so is there a list where i can just find them easily or are they already in the creation kit? How do I use them?
9) How do I script interactions for a simple animal in skyrim like a horse, or war dog, things of that nature (if you know the specifics for scripting horses, war dogs, and other animals that can be made followers for Skyrim plz explain those because most of the mods i would like to do involve them)
10) How do I create a and end a quest?
Any and all answers are very appreciated, videoes that might help me work just as well, please make known the number of the question you are answering so I know what is what.Thankyou!
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Adura 1 May 13, 2014 @ 9:51pm 
simple, easy, plain spoken "a cave man could do it" answers to my questions
If you're not used to scripting, programming or some variant of that, then the very act of scripting is highly likely to be anything but this =/. Still, I'll give it a whack XD

1) Go to the NPC's actor in the Creation Kit (henceforth called CK).
Go to the left hand side, there is a "Papyrus Scripts" section. Right click -> Add New -> Select 'New Script' (should be the top option).

2) So, not during dialogue? You can attach scripts to dialogue options, but since not, try this:
Use the OnActivate event. (Events are used to run papyrus codes when something happens, in this case whenever the Actor is being activated, which I hope translates into them being "Interacted with". Though, I have NO idea what you mean by "interacted with" if you're not counting dialogue options.)
Then use the functions for message boxes. Now, these things can be more complex then normal functions, so here's a tutorial:

The tutorial doesn't list what a 'message' is or how to create it. They're located in the object Window -> Miscellaneous -> Messages. (This is outside of the script)

3) (This is not done in the script) You add options to the message by going to Menu Buttons -> right click -> New. The 'Index' number to the left of the Menu Button is the number that is used to keep track of which option is selected. (That is, if the message script function returns a 0, the first option was selected. 1 is the second, etc, etc).

4 & 5)
First, add Outfit properties to your script. There's 2 ways of doing this, but here's the easier one:
Go to your NPC's window, go to the Papyrus Script sections. Right click the Script you're using. Select "Edit Properties". Go to "Add Property". Select a name and set "Type" to "Outfit". Once it's made, select it again, and hit 'Edit Value'. Find the outfit you want the NPC to use, and select it. Hit the 'OK' button to exit this window. NOTE: Properties like to erase themselves after you first make/set them. Double check them after awhile.

Now, you can tell the NPC to use that outfit, or another outfit, or any outfits. Use the SetOutfit function:
(unlike an Event, a function is like a command. It's what effects changes. In this case, it will tell the Actor to use a new outfit.)

6) You can set the NPC to start off the same level (or higher, or lower) then the player. This only works for when the player first spawns them (when you first enter the cell they're in, or when they're first loaded.) After this, they will not follow the player's level.

This is done through the NPC's window. Go to the 'Stats' tab. Select "PC Level Mult". Then put in the "Level Mult" value. This is the multiplier of their level compared to PC. For instance, a value of 0.5 will have their level be 0.5 x the PC's level....when they first spawn.

To get the NPC to level dynamically after they've loaded the first time, you manually do it through Scripts. (Unless there's a way I'm unaware of, which is very possible.)

More complex...
I haven't done this before, so I won't give a suggestion.

7 & 8) I think you're talking about IDs, which you need for console commands (not scripting). To reference things in scripts, use properties (like what we did with Outfits, except with other things.)

9) Dunno. What exactly do you mean by "interactions"? Why not open up the horses in the Creation Kit and take a look at their scripts?

10) Go to Object Window -> Character -> Quest. Right click anywhere. Select "New".
Quests need to be triggered. The option to start at the start of the game doesn't function well.

It's hard to explain other ways to start a quest, so I won't. Look up a video tutorial for that.

You can also do so through scripting. There is a Stop and Start command for quests.
After putting in the quest as a property of the script, you can use these functions to stop/start them as you please.
example: Naming the quest property as Quest_Property, then using the code:

This would start the quest.
jreese46 51 May 13, 2014 @ 11:10pm 
Adura, I don't know what you do for a living, but you sure seem to know your scripting. You rock!
Aaron Knight 1 May 14, 2014 @ 3:43pm 
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