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playerny May 11, 2014 @ 6:16am
BEAT BROS.: Here's our review (BETA TESTED)
In recent weeks , I've got to try "Beat Bros " a puzzle platform game ( by characteristic with a musical ) .
In this product, we have 2 game modes: Puzzle Mode (that is where we should solve challenging puzzles) and Battle mode ( where a group of 4 characters battle between them).

We begin by explaining the first mode (Puzzle Mode) :

It consists of 35 puzzles ( some of which are still in process and not yet playable ) ; in this adventure (if you can call it ) impersonate a ( what looks like ) bean and we will help you reach the goal . The positive aspect of the levels is that they have a good graduality of difficulty , from easy to difficult in fact pass without even realizing it ; also the degree will change from person to person based on the reasoning . There are many ways to finish the level , but only one will allow us to more easily get to arrival ( symbolized by a slice of cake ) and get the gold medal , which is the great - attacks off of a banana with the words " Good Job . " One aspect that will delight us in the continuation of the game will be those rhythmic donuts (you need at least 3 to activate the special abilities and are sometimes necessary to complete the level ) ranging in pace with the basics, are in fact the music that pierce the slowness movements of our protagonist ; This is not so much a problem because most will give chance to think about the commands that we perform.

We now turn to the second mode, which gives us (Battle Mode) :

It's a Deathmatch ( Free for All ) formed by a series of match ( maximum 200 , minimum 1) , where 4 characters challenge each other trying to knock opponents. You can choose your own protagonist of the 9 available, you can also change (including those already set ) our opponents . Each win earns a total of stars ( depending on several factors , for example the enemy ) ; you have to be very careful because the enemies will not be harmless, but as ruthless (or most) of us .
If none remain alive, the game will end with no winner .



"Beat Bros " is a pubble full of positivity with similar levels and at the same time original . Ideal for those who have free time and / or has had a hard day and want to relax a bit , it is also a good workout for the brain.
To the beloved puzzle game is an essential purchase .



8.3 (83 % )



X - No level editor.
X - the long , repetitive and difficult levels .
X - Price too much for what it offers another product .


V - Very good workout for the brain.
V - Amazing that a move can change the continuation in the level.
V - Excellent opportunity Customization of Battle Mode .
V - Simpaticità of the characters.
V - Fantastic catchy music .
V - Great graphics back.



Title: Beat Bros
Genre: Action , Platform, Music , Puzzle , Indie
Developer: Ultimate Walrus
Languages: English
Number of Players : Single Player


- Soundcloud :
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Gorlom[Swe] May 11, 2014 @ 7:07am 
Why is this here?
Wouldn't it have been better suited on the Beat Bros greenlight page? or somewehere outside of Greenlight? possibly a forum that does not have rules against advertisement.
Skoardy May 11, 2014 @ 7:38am 
Originally posted by playerny:

X - No level editor.
X - the long , repetitive and difficult levels .
X - Price too much for what it offers another product .
X - Is popular with people who don't have the common sense not to spam forums with out-of-place reviews.

Hmm. That last negative really puts me off this game completely.
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