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Shadoureon Apr 29, 2014 @ 4:05am
Mods to help with achievements
I am looking for mods to help me with certain acheivements. Now dont get me wrong I understand the concept of a achievement and so far I got all of my achievements legit. For example im proud to have Dungeon Defenders 100% but on this game I have mixed feelings.

I am currently at 71% completion but because of changing mods I lost my lvl 100 Berserker. Now I have to restart with loads of unsatisfing achievements left.

1. They require endless of grinding like farming Crits, Gold and Breakables.
2. They can be aquired after said grinding like buying enchantments, gamble items.
3. They require me to have 46 more friends... I actually have to beg people to add me to help me complete this achievement..

Theres a big difference in "achieving" difficulty tasks and "achieving" grindfests or begfests. Thats why I am looking for several mods.

I am looking something in the spirit off the following things.

1. Portal to a map that has loads of breakables that respawn. When done you canr eturn using the same portal you came in.

2. Not sure if crits towards dummies counts for progress I havent checked that out but a weapon with 1000% critrate would be great. (It can actually be capped to crit 1 dmg not making it usuable in regular games)

3. 1 item in stash that sells for 10 million. (wich can be used to gain enchanter and gamble achievements aswell)

4. I already completed this but my guess some dont like to farm this. A portal to a map similar to idea 1 but instead of breakables it has critters.

5. A potion that adds 1 health after used. You can use a big mana spell then use a lot of potions towards the 5000 potions achievement. (My berserker had a lifesteal build mixed with stealing health on crits and loads stolen on pethits. I pretty much never had to use potions.

I was well on my way with the crit achievement but now that I lost my level 100 berserker its going to take ages again to get proper critrating :(
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