The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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whozk Apr 27 @ 7:26pm
Hey!! I've been looking for months, though, to no avail, mods for the armor, weapon, and character fitting Diana, from the Leage of Legends. I would love if someone (or a collaborative effort between many modders) would create a mod (or multiple mods - curse you steam workshop size limit-) to create the character Diana, from the Leage of Legends in her LUNAR GODDESS skin. I don't care if the armor, or the weapon are playable, or not, I just want her in-game. Sticking to the LoL lore, Dianma would be a spellsword (melee combat, as well as magical combat). The Crecent Blade would be a onehanded sword (or axe, if that would be easier for y'all). The hair, you could just override with an ApachiiSkyHair. A stand-alone mod would probably be too much work to ask of you guys, and so, if you end up finding mods out there that help, add them in as used work, or required mods. I would greatly appreciate this!

Thank you so very very much!!!
Date Posted: Apr 27 @ 7:26pm
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