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MastahFlash 4 Apr 27 @ 7:15pm
Replacing PeTI music with my own in Hammer
So I've made my map in PeTI and have went through the proper methods of exporting into Hammer and what not. What I want to do is replace the music that usually plays during the test chambers with my own song. I have a general idea as to how to add certain sounds in general through Hammer but I'm not certain WHICH entitie or whatever the default music is stored in. I had guessed that it is the ambient_marker @music? Thanks.
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MastahFlash 4 Apr 27 @ 8:34pm 
Yep, turns out I was right! In order, to change the music, open your map file in Hammer, click Edit->Entity Report and scroll down until you see a bunch of 'ambient_generic'. Highlight the one that has '@music' in the second column, click Go To and make the changes there. Make sure to make your song an MP3 and not WAV unless your map is going to have a huge file size!

I'd recommend watching these videos.

NOTE: I've noticed that my song seems to have a reverb-y effect and I don't remember setting it like that; The original song has no reverb. I figured it does it by default (because I have a large chamber with empty spaces) but if anyone wants to clarify feel free to do so.
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iAndy 8 Apr 28 @ 1:39pm 
Good job on the music, but I think the entity isn't set to looped so it plays through once and then stops.
MastahFlash 4 Apr 28 @ 1:45pm 
Yeah, I noticed that also. Which is strange because I thought I had unchecked "Is NOT Looped".
tuleby (CZ) 8 Apr 30 @ 8:20am 
You can use logic_timer, set max. value = length music in seconds. When the time reaches the maximum, "StopSound". After a delay 0.01 ... again "PlaySound" and logic_timer set to 0. Works well music looping.
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