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Spudhunter Apr 23 @ 7:05pm
Immersive 3D UI
Recently I have came across an awsome UI mod which makes the armory have a more immersive and 3d ui. When I saw it, I got it immediatly then realized it was out dated and now am kind of sad. I was wondering, could some one with more knowlage on modding the game update/remake it and perhaps impliment it for other structures like the protoype lab? It seems like it would be really awsome and add a lot to the immersion.
You can find the orriginal mod which was created by sewlek at the link below.
Sorry the page is in German, I don't know why it keeps taking me to the german steam website but the comments and stuff are still in english.
If this does end up being made, please put a response below.
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Spudhunter Apr 23 @ 7:06pm 
Sorry, Turns out the page isn't in German, apperently that just happens when I use google chrome. weird
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