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Need some help regarding modding

I'm new to GUTS modding, and I have a few questions. If you have a basic item modding guide which explains item affixes, skill affixes, weapon stats and basically what all those [.....] means, by all means, point it out to me, thanks :D


I need help understanding what this small wall of text actually means:


as well as this

. [ Everything in between I understand]
. ..
<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:Legendary Polearm Collection\nNumber One of Three

For the first one, I'm trying to edit the fumble chance. How do I do that?

And for the second one...

Where do i get the various Affixes? Do i just type the name of the particular file?

Thanks for the help in advance. I'd be posting over in the forums too.
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Is no one here willing to help, or is everyone incapable of doing so? :X
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Date Posted: Apr 17, 2014 @ 8:26pm
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