Drunken Robot Pornography
Drunken Robot Construction Set
Your friends want you to build giant robots and set them on your other friends. Weld together 30-story-tall beasts. Give them shielding, lasers, plasma cannons, and particle beans. Beams. Whatever. Imbue your creations with motion, and then create arenas to house them. Click here to learn more.
crash fan razer63 1 Apr 11 @ 6:08pm
what's the weird orange orb just above spawn in map editor?
i noticed it, but the tutorial never explained it. i edit it's colors, and the entire map's color changes.
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Splerp 1 Apr 11 @ 9:48pm 
Pretty sure it's the global lighting; its position doesn't matter, but its rotation determines where the "sun" is shining from (so pointing straight down = minimal shadows, pointing nearly horizontal = lots of shadows). Correct me if I'm wrong please :D
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The_Dude Apr 12 @ 5:10am 
I just went into the editor in order to double-check; and yes, Splerp is correct; it is the global lighting.
If you feel that it is in the way, just move it above or under your arena, as only it's rotation matters (as Splerp mentioned).
crash fan razer63 1 Apr 12 @ 9:28am 
thank you
Elliot B  [developer] 1 Apr 13 @ 4:28am 
Yeah, what they said. It's the global directional light.
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