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AeroRacer 2 Mar 20 @ 1:35pm
Does anyone know how to contact the Steam Support group?
I need to contact them upon getting help with my custom gun. I submitted it, and it's been a couple days since I submitted it. Does it usually take a couple days to get some sort of reply back from them? I'm really new at this game and Steam in general, so if one of the delevopers or someone who knows how to get in contact with them could help me, that would be great.
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HibernateZ 15 Mar 21 @ 12:35am 
Feel free to add me and contact me personally if you need to, but once a gun is submitted, it goes through the voting process where other players vote on it to ensure it does not breach any rules. This process shouldn't take more than a week at max (normally only takes a day or 2). If it still hasnt been accepted try resubmitting it to see if it is an error or something. What is the name of the gun? I can get a dev to take a look at it and see if there are any faults with it or to see what is going on.
AeroRacer 2 Mar 21 @ 3:57am 
Okay. I don't know how to add people on Steam, because I'm really new at this and stuff. The gun I made, I do not think it breached any rules, so I thought the approval thing would just take a couple hours or so to process. But thanks for telling me the process takes a week or so. Anyway, the name of my gun is the Ion Vis. (Vis is latin for force, so the name is Ion Force if you were wondering what Vis stands for). The Ion Vis is light gray, with a surpressor and has a blue looking sight on it. I know that's probably not the best description, but that's what it's like. I may edit the stats a bit before resubmitting, if that is okay with you. But If you can get a dev to help me out with this, that'd be great! Thanks for the help!
thezmaniac  [developer] 1 Mar 24 @ 10:15am 
The devs (i.e. me and kgamble) don't 'help out' guns going through review otherwise everyone would ask and we would get no work done.

As Hybernat says it depends how many people are reviewing. Make sure you do your bit buy reviewing other peoples guns and skins every day. The shorter the queue the more likley people will review yours.

If it fails or passes you will get a message at guncraft startup
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