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Ralin Drakus Mar 20, 2014 @ 9:58am
My Argonian Saga/Need Mod Assistance
I have finally been able to get Skyrim up and running on my PC after a long wait and can now start looking for help to create the character themes I wanted so badly for my Argonian character but could not get playing on the Xbox! I'd like to share the character concept here for any who'd like to take the time to read it. If anyone here mods or if you could reference me to anyone who would enjoy working on a project of this nature would be greatly appreciated! Also plan to post this same request in the Skyrim Nexus.

My Argonian character's backstory reaches back to the timeline of Morrowind when Beastfolk were still enslaved by the Dunnmer. A group of Argonian slaves held in a Dark Elf mine near the Skyrim border were trapped and left for dead when the mineshaft they were working in collapsed. Eventually digging their way to freedom they fled across the border, avoiding all contact with other races, and eventually settled in Skyrim. Using their knowledge of mining they carved a village into a cave lost in the Skyrim forrests and far from any other settlements. The hero who led the clan to their new home would be revered as a savior and for his later exploits, including his discovery of a Hist Tree on the Skyrim tundra and returning with a sapling that would eventually grow at the heart of the village.

Hundreds of years later the hidden enclave still survives. They have maintained a minimalistic community that has survived by fishing and hunting the woods around their home. Not all contact with the outside world has been restricted however. Some members of the tribe have grown tired of living off the land in this harsh place. With the blessing of the tribe's shaman, on condition of never revealing where their home is, many Argonians have left the caves to explore the world around them. Some now live in the Windhelm Argonian Assemblage, where they help their families back home by sending stolen supplies from the docks, while others have drifted to other reaches of Skyrim or even attempted to return to the fabled Black Marsh they have seen only in their shaman's stories that have been passed down to him.

Many Argonians however, including the young warrior Ral'Draxus, are violently opposed to the shaman for letting their people leave the tribe. A skilled hunter, Ral'Draxus is also a vicious killer and hates all non-Argonians. He believes the clan needs to stay unified for greater strength and begin raiding the surounding provences.

As tensions rise between those who support peace and those who seek glory in battle, the future of the Argonian Hideaway grows more uncertain


Thank you to any who take the time to read! My modding skills are non existant.. Two jobs and being a single dad prevent me from taking the time to learn, so if there are any out there who would be willing to assist me with this project or at least point my so someone who can I would greatly appreciate it!

My needs are the creation of a completely unique player home and Argonian village built underground, those who live there, and any side quests. I'm not greedy and would love for the creator/creators of this idea to share it. I envision a cave that combines the qualities of several vanila dungons I've explored. I want the entrance to be very remote and difficult to access: a sunken pool in the woods with hidden walkways up or hidden access to a mountain pass type lair as used in the basegame with the actual entrance to the village being behind a waterfall and/or underwater like the entrance to the Vile Lair from the Oblivion DLC. The inside of the hideaway would be dominated by underground waterways, fishing pools, and waterfalls similar to Broken Oar Grotto and Lost Knife Cave. The lowest reaches of the caves where the shaman lives will be their holy place, with similar characteristics of a Falmer cave with illumination from the glowing blue growth from the rock, and a giant glowing Hist Tree at its center. The living conditions and the Argonians themselves I want to be extremely trible, taking many of the hide bedding, tents, weapons, armor, and living impliments from the Forsworn, Falmer, Orcish Strongholds, and bandits in a mashup that delivers a believable subsistance Argonian community. The Argonians themselves I'd like to have at least one merchant, trainers for crafts like archery, one handed, blacksmithing, alchemy, and sneak, and most of them available as companions.
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nannyoggins Mar 21, 2014 @ 2:37am 
A very interesting story. I have few skills with this version of the CK but would be willing to helpout if you can find others who are more skilled to take the lead.
Ralin Drakus Mar 22, 2014 @ 3:18am 
Any and all help is appreciated! Glad you liked the concept, I have several in mind, this is the one needing the most mod help
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