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4144 Mar 5, 2014 @ 2:37am
OpenSource game clone on Steam
I am developer of ManaPlus open source client for 2D MMORPG The Mana World.

Now in Steam Green Light present renamed copy of ManaPlus without code changes except links and background image. And full copy of The Mana World.

Submitter claimed what all this is his work. He also many times violate GPL and CC-BY-SA-3 and removed copyrights from sources. Other people already sent DMCA one time, but sumbitter fixed some copyrights and restored his game.

Is this is Steam rules violation? Can some one help to fix this issue?

Valve not responding for some days.

Links to our work:,

I dont want post links to fraud game without request.

Soon we want sumbit The Mana World into Green Light, but existing 100% clone may disrupt our game :(
Date Posted: Mar 5, 2014 @ 2:37am
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