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Mprich (THA) Feb 16 @ 6:30pm
Need help from a modder
I want to make a mod that creates several new enemies that can be spawned in for NPC battles. I can't find any information about making custom enemies though. I know how to set up their armor, weapons, and stats, but my main problem is getting them in to the appropriate factions so that they actually attack things. If you could link me a tutorial about making enemies, i'd appricate it. Or, if you are a modder and would like to assist me in making a "better npcs for npc battles" mod that would be great. I already have decided what I want the NPCs to be and what weapons/armor they have. Thanks
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J3X Feb 17 @ 5:11am 
Check what factions the vanilla games enemies are in; conjurers, bandits, etc.
Mprich (THA) Feb 17 @ 6:54am 
Originally posted by J3X:
Check what factions the vanilla games enemies are in; conjurers, bandits, etc.
ok, i tried putting one group in the blackbloods, but they wouldn't attack me and when i attacked them they ran away.
Mprich (THA) Feb 17 @ 7:24am 
also, how do you make them wear a custom armor set that i created? I put the armor in their inventory but they wont wear it! When i view the NPC in the creation kit it shows them wearing the armor too. I dont understand
*UPDATE* I found where the data for the armor outfits are stored but it wont let me change anything! How am i supposed to put armor in the armor outfits!
J3X Feb 17 @ 8:36am 
Drag & drop.

Check if their eh... coincidence is to low.
Mprich (THA) Feb 17 @ 10:38am 
thanks, i got it to work
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