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kraken121 1 Feb 16, 2014 @ 10:32am
Artists wanted for mod project.
Hello everyone, you can call me Krak.

Myself and some friends have been playing “Don’t Starve” for a couple months now and fell in love with the game, from the quirky artwork, to the survive or die to the endless adventure mode. Being fans of modding games we decided to have a go at this.

My group is putting together the “Hero in the Dark – Fantasy mod”. This mod will incorporate traditional fantasy elements and lore while retaining the artistic style and the survive or die elements of Don’t Starve. A large focus of the lore and design of the mod will be from D&D and other games/books within the genre. Barbarians, shadow knights, druids, Necromancers etc etc

The goals of this mod is to make an alternate form of Don’t Starve, not to add on to its current game. We plan on adding in creatures, events, more lvs,boss mobs etc.

For the past 2 weeks our group has been ripping apart the code to see the possibilities and limitations we will face within the mod itself. We currently have 12 characters planned, 4 of those characters have already been coded and are all set to play (minus the artwork), another 4 are partially coded

Here is a taste of what we have coded,

An example of one of the characters, (fully coded and ready to go, just need a face to this man)


The Lower his life gets the stronger his attacks
Chops / mines 50% faster
Can eat raw meats with no neg effects
Has double the hunger values
Has a “rage” clicky ( a separate button), when toggled , loses hunger and sanity every 2 sec for a boost in speed, resists and atk speed

Here is another one that is fully coded,

Druid (100% coded)

Animal companion
Own druid spells
Loses sanity from chopping down trees, picking grass and twigs
Loses sanity for killing an innocent, ie. Rabbits, birds etc etc

This is why I am coming to the community to see if any artists are willing to join our mod team. We need things from Characters, items, monsters, terrain etc We are currently looking for 2 to 3 artists to help us give face to this mod. If you are interested please send me a pm.

I know that there were some other ambitious mods being designed but were halted before completion. I assure anyone joining our team that this will not happen, and one will take over for another if they need a break, because we all love to see our efforts and visions enjoyed by others.

Thanks for reading,

Date Posted: Feb 16, 2014 @ 10:32am
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