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CerberusKnight14 Feb 3 @ 9:46pm
[HELP] Weapon Mod Editing - Sword Type to Dagger Type
I am currently trying to edit a weapon from a mod (Corvo's Blade). Since it look a lot more like a dagger I want to stich it to a dagger type in order to recieve the Assassin's Perk for it. With the creation kit I have been able to switch it to a dagger type. But I ran into a problem.

Although the weapon is now a dagger type, when drawn it appears invisible in hand. While in 3rd person the weapon still appears in its' sheath. Attacking with the invisible weapon still works. Equiping the weapon to the left hand brings it up normally, due to, what I believe, the fact that the left hand weapon appears from nowhere instead of actually being drawn.

So how can I still keep my weapon as a dagger, and have to be drawn by right hand just as it was drawn while it was still a sword? Or at the very least simply make it visible in right hand.
Date Posted: Feb 3 @ 9:46pm
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