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Vael Jan 30 @ 1:32am
Mod shows up as blank title and a tick box !
Been playing with Synergies Mod for quite a while. Out of a sudden the mod doesn't work anymore.

As seen in the Mod Launcher, the title Synergies Mod is now blank but has a tick box.
Name -> Blank
Author -> Blank
Mod Version -> 0
Status -> Compiled for outdated Game Ver.
TL2 Version ->

Game works perfectly fine, everything is up to date. Works normally with other mods. I've tried reinstalling Torchlight II, resubscribe Synergies Mod, rebooting the system. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out ! :)
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Jâbbérwôkkï Jan 30 @ 7:04am 
when u unsubbed from it, did you also delete the mod from the mod folder? perhaps if u do this then resub to it the title will reappear. also u could make a backup of your mod folder, delete its contents and then run the file checker on the game files b4 putting them back in it. Otherwise not sure what else u can try that will help.
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