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levitatingspleen 13 Jan 28 @ 4:55am
The Proposition
Hello, ladies, gentlemen, I have a proposition for you. You see, I find myself in a predicament that many of my fellow mapmakers can sympathize with. I have a map that needs some playtesting, however due to the hundreds of thousands of other chambers, it has been difficult to get it any attention. Luckily I have a solution that's simple and beneficial to the both of us. If you would be so kind as to play my chamber and give some feedback, you would not only have my gratitude but I would also review two of your own tests. I think this is a fair deal, but I leave it to you. I eagerly await your correspondence.

Link to map- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113582532
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levitatingspleen 13 Jan 28 @ 8:21am 
Oh and before I forget, While it's this chamber that urgently needs the testing, if you play any of my other ones I will be happy to provide additional reviews of your chamber
TheDarkReach 13 Jan 28 @ 11:47am 
it seems you have caught my attention on this predicamentof a situation so without further adue i would be so glad to test your chamber out and test others as well

levitatingspleen 13 Jan 28 @ 12:09pm 
excellent, thanks for the help!
levitatingspleen 13 Jan 28 @ 1:43pm 
Any chamber in particular you want me to review? Or should I simply take a sampling?
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