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PlayaOfGames Jun 16 @ 6:15pm
how come the 3d textures mods not in the workshop
like the title says i know pretty much workshop is just maps only i wonder y cant the 3d texture mods be converted to the wrokshop i know how to install them but its just the problem of haveing the game show me in game on steam when useing them so thats why i am asking for it to be on steam workshop sorry for my grammer and all
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Lunick 167 Jun 22 @ 2:37am 
The Workshop (currently, probably only ever will) supports map only. The HRP is somewhat a hefty download too and I'm not sure if there are specific upload limits on Steam Workshop or not.

I personally think it's not worth having something like the HRP on the workshop but others have done great skins like the DNF weapons and gloves for Duke.
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