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Mr. Crowley 3 Jun 14 @ 1:20am
[Hammer] Brush problems

That is my problem, it clips out on random places each time I compile. There are 4 corner and 3 corner (triangle) types of brushes, both of them sometimes have these problems.
I had such problems while creating archs and cylinders, but not with blocks.

Help me out here.
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TeamSpen210 12 Jun 14 @ 2:06am 
Press alt-p, and see if you have any concave/invalid brushes. These either have a face that's twisted, or have any "dips" or similar corners per brush. It's fine if they are two brushes combined into one brush entity.
Mr. Crowley 3 Jun 15 @ 1:03am 
It did fix few problems ( a good thing to know that command), but it didn't see problems with the cubes. But it seems that in few faces it happens (mostly the same ones), probably would be best to re-do those parts, which is a pain, I was positive that this one wouldn't go crazy with its brushes, it seems it still did.
-LpCsGo-DuHuL ♂ Jun 15 @ 12:50pm 
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