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|SMG| Zippo124 Jul 11 @ 5:23pm
Skin and Workbench Question (Missing part of my texture on weapon)
I am making an AWP Skin (My First Ever Skin) and I have tested it out in the Workbench, but the clip of the AWP and some other parts do not show the Texture that I have made... Basically its pretty much just the body that is showing my texture (Yes everything is lined up perfect).

Is there a reason for this or am I missing something?
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|SMG| Zippo124 Jul 11 @ 8:40pm 
Konargus 14 Jul 12 @ 2:40pm 
Did you choose Custom Paint Job from drop down menu?
|SMG| Zippo124 Jul 12 @ 3:18pm 
Yes everything is set properly.
Konargus 14 Jul 12 @ 3:32pm 
Im not sure, but maaybe those parts can not be painted?
|SMG| Zippo124 Jul 12 @ 7:43pm 
Thats what I thought, until I checked out other skins on the workshop with everything painted...
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